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Photo: Showcase '68

In 1968, at the tender age of nineteen, Andrea entered a singing contest. “Showcase ’68” was the American Idol of its day. It searched multiple cities for unknown talent, had them perform in concert, and then a panel of judges chose the winners for that town. Those winners competed in the finals in Columbus, OH. Andrea won in NYC. The show aired on NBC and big-name stars like Neil Diamond, Jackie Vernon and The Box Tops appeared to help with the ratings. Among Andrea’s competition was soloist, Julie Budd, and the groups “The Chamber Brothers” and “Sly and the Family Stone,” (the ultimate victor) The finale was an outdoor event, and Andrea recalls hearing “cows mooing in the distance.”

Unfortunately, host, Lloyd Thaxton, was marked off for this publicity still.

The Oak Room closed for regular musical performances in December 2011.  The Oak Room of the Algonquin hotel 2011 set for the 9pm show.Photo: Vicki SitvalaThe Oak Room of the Algonquin hotel 2011 set for the 9pm show.

When it was announced, Andrea posted the following on her Facebook page:

"I'm heartsick to hear of the closing of the Legendary Oak Room of the Algonquin Hotel, my musical home and creative inspiration for 25 years. From my first entrance in 1987, a jumble of nerves, to my last encore just this past Christmas, I have been blessed with the finest, warmest audiences a performer could ever hope for, and the most beautiful room in which to entertain. Although this is indeed sad news, I will take away the happiest memories and hope to establish a new venue soon for myself and the other Oak Room Artists who cherish the American Popular Song as much as I do."


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