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Heather Sullivan and Daniel Reichert are active photographers. To see more of their work, click on their individual names. (Their websites will open in a new window.)

In Concert

On Stage

From her earliest days at the Plush Room in San Francisco, and before, Andrea has been ‘snapped’ in action from coast to coast, and at the White House. These are just a few of our favorites.


Every show that Andrea has created, has been accompanied by a poster. Although many have disappeared over time, here is a sampling in color and Black and White.


Photo Shoots

Danny Adams

Andrea’s best friend, and the photographer who created Andrea’s first ‘signature’ look in black velvet. He also shot on the set of the TV show, “Berrenger's,” where Andrea was part of the original cast in the mid eighties.

Heather Sullivan

Responsible for six CD covers and multiple poster pictures, Heather always got Andrea to do goofy things to ‘get the shot’ including going barefoot while romping around the grass wearing a ballgown, and jumping into the pool in her nightgown!

Daniel Reichert

Andrea’s most recent collaboration. Daniel’s pics grace the cover of Andrea’s most recent CD, “Smile,” as well as our “Moonlight Cocktail” poster pic.

Assorted Photographers

Over the years Andrea has been photographed by many professionals for a variety of publicity shoots. Here is just a small sampling.



Candid Photos

Did you hear the one about the alligator? Well, it’s here. Along with other surprises.



Family Photos

Andrea’s mother, Helen Marcovicci, was a torch singer in the forties. When you see her publicity photos, you can clearly see the resemblance between mother and daughter.


Stage & Screen


Andrea has appeared in several movies with an incredible roster of stars from Woody Allen to Michael Caine.


Andrea has also appeared in numerous TV shows. We’ve got one of her earliest appearances - before she was even of legal age!


Andrea has appeared on stages throughout the country, including Broadway.


Out & About

Out & About

Whenever there's an opportunity to smile!


Even More Photos

More Photos

Take a look!

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