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This is the third design of:
“The Official Andrea Marcovicci Website.”
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Created by: Joel Schlarb at Progressive Design, Technology Consulting
Art Direction & Content: Lesley Alexander for Marcovicci Enterprises, Inc.

The Point de Venise lace pattern in our background and header was described in Madame Goubaud's Point Lace Book, published in 1832, which sold for one shilling in London. The lace itself dates back to Italy in the 17th Century. It was chosen because one of Andrea’s favorite black velvet jackets is accented in the pattern.
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The Original Site:

In 1996 Andrea’s dear friend, Dan Galender, gently urged her to embark on a new way to communicate -  the modern world of the internet. He created this first website with her own domain name, and filled it with fun things and important information – like Andrea’s concert appearances, a biography, discography, and scrapbook. He chose a pretty patterned violet design. It included a guest book, and a “web counter” which clocked the number of visitors to the site. He later altered the design to include navigation buttons along the left hand side. Andrea went along for the ride!

The Second Stage:

About ten years later graphic artist, Rod Ollerenshaw, volunteered to take over the website. He did a complete design overhaul. Utilizing elegant green marble as a backdrop, Rod added countless thoughtful touches including an embossed scrapbook. He introduced the use of song titles, from Andrea’s repertoire, to off-set each section and, using his own collection of CDs, expanded the discography to include many of Andrea’s rare recordings.
Latest Design:

Our new site went up in the fall of 2013. We’ve retained most of the aspects of the two previous designs including a scrapbook, show descriptions, appearances (now “Events”), and a biography, renamed, “About.” We’ve kept all of Rod’s treasure trove of CD covers, and expanded on his original concept of song titles to begin each section. We’ve chosen new titles and added just a touch of Andrea’s vocals on each. In addition, Andrea is thrilled to have several media players available allowing for both audio and video, as well as a CD Store (via CD Baby) right on the site!.


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Copyright © 1996 - 2013 by Marcovicci Enterprises, Inc.